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The goal of our laboratory is to harness chemistry to offer solutions for contemporary biomedical problems. We are particularly interested in nucleic acids and their role in antibacterial drug resistance.

Our team is comprised of chemists, biologists and bioinformaticians that work together towards deciphering the molecular mechanisms involved in disease progression to ultimately help develop the next generation of antibacterials.

Next Generation

We work on the development of new targeting modalities in bacteria. We use a combination of tradtional small-molecule synthesis and oligonucleotide production to yield selective compounds that inhibit bacterial growth. The ultimate goal is to provide the next generation of antibiotics.


Probing RNA Structure

Our lab is interested in developing new methods to probe the structure of RNA in cells. We apply a combination of customized chemical tools and bioinformatic workflows to infer (dynamic) structures of RNA in pathogens and human cells.

Fluorescent Tools

To study specific cellular processes involved in disease, we design and synthesize tailor-made fluorescent probes. Applying these to disease models allows us to pinpoint vulnerabilities in molecular processes that underlie pathologies.

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